“The Winemaker’s Hand… Conversations on Talent, Technique, and Terroir” by Natalie Berkowitz (aka Countess Natasha) is a novel approach to the subject of wine. Over 40 winemakers from viticultural regions around the world including the U.S., France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Israel and Chile offer insights into each of their approaches to the complicated task of helping grapes transmogrify into wine. Reading their explanations about the choice of grape varietals, planting, harvesting, technology, tradition vs. innovation, personal commitments, and individual philosophies is the second best thing to making a face-to-face connection with a vintner at a winery. The book includes a history of each region, photos, and personal recipes.
Wine lovers of all stripes, from neophytes to connoisseurs, will enhance their appreciation of  wine and learn to decipher the complicated details of wine production by reading”The Winemaker’s Hand.”  The book provides an extra dimension of pleasure that comes from delving more deeply into a subject, whether it’s music, art, literature, or politics.


1 Response to “About Countess Natasha”

  1. 1 grace graziano
    September 20, 2013 at 9:39 am

    I think Countess Natasha will be very successful in her book. Congratulations!!!!! Can’t wait to read it.

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