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The Serving Temperature For Wines

At what temperature does a wine show its best? It’s  commonly thought to serve white wines on the cool side and reds warmer. But what exactly do cool and warm mean? Whites and roses should definitely be served on the cooler side, around 50 to 55 degrees F. But often restaurants bring a bottle to the table covered with frosty moisture . Also home fridges keep the wine at around35-45 degrees F. It means the cold blocks the aromas and tastes until the wine warms up a bit. It’s possible to warm the wine by cupping the glass with  two hands for a moment, but in any case eventually the wine will reach ambient room temperature. That’s the reason why once served the bottle is placed in an ice bucket.
Red wines are said to be best at room temperature but in most American homes, and even crowded restaurants the temperature hits 75 and above. The correct temperature for serving red wine is somewhere between 60 and 65 degrees F. That’s the temperature of a house  cellar  (or in the old days, the cellar of a monastery or castle). In the hot summer days of Napa Valley,it’s common to see winemakers and serious drinkers drop a couple of ice cubes in their red wine to get it at its most palatable best.The bottom line, however, is that serving temperature is largely based on personal preference.