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Know the characteristics in wine to make them more enjoyable

Several factors make drinking wine more enjoyable than popping the top of a can of soda. Wine’s infinite variety is part of the adventure of drinking, but it’s also daunting. Every brand of soda is always dependable – from color to fizz to taste. Conformity is the stock in trade of soda producers which is why a can of Coca-Cola aims to be the same around the world. It’s precisely the difference between soda and the many incarnations of wine. That’s why it’s helpful to recognize the different elements found in wine.

Many wines, particularly reds, contain tannins. They are compounds that come from grape skins, seeds, and stems that add to the complexity and texture of wine. Tannins, like those found in strong tea, are astringent and feel dry on the tongue and mouth, leaving a slightly bitter taste. Tannic wines are great match for red meat and heavy dishes like pastas.

Body in wine is defined by their different weights and richness that run the gamut from light to full-bodied. Some wines leave a distinct feeling of viscosity in the mouth. The more alcohol, oak,and sugar in  wine the heavier it tastes.. It’s comparable to the difference between creme fraiche and aged Gouda, or skimmed milk and heavy cream. Match a wine’s weight with an appropriate food. For example, whites or roses with lighter food.

Aromas and flavors are among of the great pleasures of wine. Aromas and flavors are a result of a variety of factors including grape varietal, the blend of grapes, aging in oak barrels, a vineyard’s terroir … i.e. the climate, amount of sun, and soils in the vineyard as well as the winemaker’s skill in in shaping the wine. These are the reasons why wine aficionados check a wine’s color and inhale its aroma before taking the first sip. Sensing flavors and aromas is very subjective because not everyone picks up the exact same aromas and flavors from a bottle of wine.

Experience helps to develop a finer appreciation of wine’s innumerable characteristics.