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Liqueurs are indeed lovely, coming in a beguiling quantity of luscious flavors. They are best described as spirits to which sugar and natural flavors are added, such as brandy, schnapps, eau-de-vie, and fruit liqueurs. They are worthwhile seeking out, especially those with a fruit base. My husband is particularly partial to eau-de-vie, like Poire William, which is often sold with a pear inside the bottle. The alcohol level seems high enough to light a bunsen burner, but everyone’s taste preference is personal.
One of their attractive characteristics. aside from taste, is their shelf life. Those with 40% or more alcohol and high sugar content can be kept for decades in a cool dark place, also the best way to store wines.
The exception to longevity are the ciitrus flavored liqueurs which begin to lose their flavor after two weeks. I have kept opened bottles of creme de menthe and orange flavored liqueurs for years, with perhaps some loss of flavors, but honestly they seem okay to me, especially for cooking or over ice cream and adding a bit of zest to fruit. The creme de menthe comes in a glorious shade of go-go green, with a zippy minty flavor sure to appeal to those who prefer mint chocolate chip ice cream over plain vanilla.