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Those of us who adore both wine and cheese are often flummoxed when trying to pair the two. The idea of finding “Mr. Right” (pardon the poor analogy) is a confidence-destroyer. There is a bright side to the problem. In the search for eye-popping, mouth-watering experiences, it pays to keep a few simple suggestions in mind. Think about how the wine ‘s textures and flavors will meld with the cheese, and your are off to a good start..
A light cheese, such as a creamy chevre, like Boucheron, or soft-ripened Brie, works magic with Sauvignon Blanc’s fruitiness and light, bright flavors. That wine would be felled by blues and other Gorgonzola-type cheese. Chardonnay or heavier white with a tinge of oak, malolactic flavors, and heavier mouthfeel want to pair with Brie, Comte, Gruyere, or slightly-aged cow, goat, or sheep milk cheeses. Pinot Noir, the finicky wine, might be happy to share the evening with a semi-firm cow’s milk cheese or a semi-aged Cheddar. Zins, Cabernet Sauvignons, Riojas and other bolder reds with tannic structure, complex aromas and flavors, coupled with earthier characteristics, are happy to spend an evening with aged cheeses, like Goudas, milder Parmesans like Grana Padano, and nicely aged Cheddars. A good rule to follow is to match a wine’s appellation or country of origin to cheese of the same area.